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Under New Management

After the retirement of our previous MD Laurie Ellis, Zenith Textiles Ltd is thrilled to be under the management of Darren Smith. With a vast knowledge in health and safety protocol and extensive managerial experience, Zenith Textiles Ltd is in the best hands possible to pave a new way forward in the workplace. Before working with Zenith, Darren had a stellar career spanning over thirty-five years in London's fire brigade. After working in our office for over two years, he has extensive knowledge of our client base, charity connections and working methods, and is more than prepared to carry Zenith Textiles ltd into the coming years.

Darren Smith: Leading Zenith Textiles forward Ltd with a focus on Health and Safety.

Since expanding and launching our sister company, we have revitalized the team backing Darren in his endeavours to make this Zenith Textiles' best year yet, so if you give our office a call, you may be lucky enough to speak with one of our new fabulous staff!

As the new managing director, it is Darren's priority is the safety of our workers and staff, placing his focus on updating safety protocols while practicing efficiency in the workplace. He is currently investing in our warehouse equipment in order to ensure a top-quality experience for both our customers and workers. He is very excited for the journey on which he is about to embark with Zenith Textiles Ltd.

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