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Maximizing Productivity and Minimizing Pollution

As we continue to take steps to becoming a greener company, no aspect of our business is overlooked. Our office staff have been working hard to accommodate new shops while reconstructing existing routes to be as efficient as possible. Not only will it help our drivers maintain their excellent standard of service, but more direct routes will make a very positive impact on how much petrol we use as a company.

The staff have emphasized the importance of developing new habits as well as examining old ones. ‘It’s important,’ says Bradley Smith, a driver who now works in the office ‘We can keep developing new projects to be a greener company, but the way to create sustainable change is to re-evaluate the aspects of the business that were developed when we had less information.’

Smith has echoed the ethos of the new management team - we now have unprecedented access to statistics and knowledge on how to run a greener company, and we plan to use every tool at our disposal. Zenith Textiles Ltd is committed to drastically reducing our carbon footprint, and creating a cleaner business legacy for years to come.

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