Pile of Sweaters


Our team of dynamic members is the secret to our continuous progress. Each of our employees are amazing in their own right but together they are what makes Zenith such a fun and rewarding place to work.


Laurie Ellis


As founder and director of Zenith Textiles Ltd, Laurie oversees every aspect of our company.


Jon Sewell

Fleet Manager

John looks after our fleet of vehicles to make sure they're in tip-top shape 24/7. He also ensures that our company facilities and maintenance is up-to-date and regulated.

Brian Pinar

 Driver Support Manager

Brian trains all of our new drivers to ensure they're ready to provide the best service to our partners and customers. He also conducts daily inspections so that our vans remain tidy. 


Emily Howell

Business Development Manager

Emily is not only our charity partners' first port of contact, she's also in charge of our exciting new projects!


Gordon Midford

Operations Manager

Gordon deals with all aspects export shipment as well as handling enquiries about production and exportation. He also helps maintain a smooth operation when it comes to collecting from charities!

Georgia Ball

Routes Coordinator

Georgia manages our daily routes for drivers and ensures that our charities all get collected on the day we say we're going to collect. She is continually analyzing and updating routes to maximize our efficiency.


Shannon Moore

Accounts Manager

Shannon looks after all our accounts and regularly manages our payroll.


Kofi Appiah

Warehouse Manager

Kofi oversees all the warehouse workers and operations in the warehouse, ensuring that everything is running safely and smoothly. He also supervises production of export, hires and trains new warehouse staff.

Bradley Smith

Office Administrator

Brad was previously a driver, and recently moved to the office to handle all driver paperwork and collate internal reports. He is the friendly voice you'll hear over the phone when you give us a call!


Darren Smith

Health & Safety Manager

HR Manager

Darren is our resident multi-tasker. He is on-site IOSH trained and conducts regular inspections of our warehouse and office. He also handles HR responsibilities and is certified in mental health training. 


Eileen Nash

Marketing Coordinator

Eileen regularly updates the Zenith website, and manages all social media platforms. She works with Emily in many of her innovative projects.


Sarah Doyle

Cash for Clothes Coordinator

Sarah is the newest member of our team and is responsible for our Cash for Clothes and Cash for Charities initiatives. We're so happy she's here!


Our dedicated fleet of drivers are experts in customer service, charity shop and home collections. They are the friendly faces of the company that interact most with the public! 

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Our highly skilled warehouse staff are tasked every day with sorting and grading hundreds of tonnes of clothing - without them, there would be no Zenith! 

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