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About Us

Zenith Textiles Limited is a family run textiles recycling company. For quite some time, we have been one of the leading textiles recycling merchants in the U.K. In fact we are one of the largest textile recycling companies.

Our highly skilled workforce sort, grade and process around 300 tonnes of textile materials weekly, and this number is steadily growing.


Our highly skilled work force sort, grade and process around 300 tonnes of textile materials weekly and this number is steadily growing.

Senior Staff

Our senior staff have over 25 years of experience in the industry and are always looking for the best solution to sustain textiles waste management.


Our goal is to contribute to saving our planet by actively working to reduce the effect of old textiles on the environment.


At Zenith Textiles we provide a first-class service to all our clientele. We know that building a fantastic relationship with our customers is the key to a successful and durable business.


We make sure that the collected clothes are in excellent condition. They are hand sorted and selected for our clients, then packed in bales.

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We make sure that our clients orders are properly labelled and packed in the containers when ready for shipment.

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We track shipped containers to their final destination and make sure the merchandise arrives to our customers in the pristine condition.

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Zenith understands each of its client’s unique needs, which is why we process and grade all the products that we sell ourselves.

This enables us to achieve a very high standard of product that you require, ensuring that you, and your own customers in turn, benefit greatly from our attention to detail. Resulting in our bales remaining in high demand throughout the year. All our graded materials are baled and wrapped in the highest quality packaging materials. Along with our well-known orange strapping this guaranteed that our exported product arrives to you in as good a condition as when it was baled.

Zenith bales are all clear wrapped and labelled. Meaning that the product can be visually inspected at every stage of its journey, eliminating the need to split or repackage the product during transit. This saves our clients from any additional repackaging costs. We are so certain of our product and resulting customer satisfaction, that we only supply product to vetted clients in 40’ high cube dry containers. Each is expertly loaded to capacity by our skilled forklift truck operators, with an accurate packing list supplied before shipping occurs.

The entire process is managed by our highly experienced staff and recorded by closed circuit television cameras, ensuring client confidence in our standards and the consistent quality of the finished products produced. By using the latest marine shipping tracking technology, our clients can even track their purchases throughout its entire journey, from our depot in England, to the point of collection.


Recovering and recycling textiles provides both environmental and economic benefits.

  • Reducing the need for landfill space. Certain synthetic fibre products do not decompose. Whilst natural fibre, such as wool, does decompose, it produces methane which contributes to global warming.
  • Reducing pressure on virgin resources. This includes materials traditionally used in textiles, such as cotton or wool, as well as oil and other chemicals employed to produce synthetic fibres.
  • Reducing pollution, as well as water and energy consumption.
  • Reducing the demand for dyes and fixing agents. This, in turn, lowers the number of problems caused by their use and manufacture.

  • Research found that more than two-thirds of textile waste in Britain is sent to landfill, equating to around 1.4 million tonnes of material. Despite the fact that there is spare capacity in textile recycling plants.
  • By collecting 1kg of used clothing, one can reduce: - 3.6kg of Co2 emissions - 6000 litres of water consumption - 0.3 kg of the use of fertilizers - 0.2kg of the use of pesticides.

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