Imagine’re on Oxford Street, stumbling through crowds, toe-tapping in queues, and sweating through your mask. Not the best way to spend a saturday... OR, with a click of a button, you could have 20kg of brand-new clothing with tags still attached! Our packages are stocked with fast-fashion brands to give them a second life, so you can be trendsetting AND ethical. Inside your package, you’ll see names such as Primark, H&M, George, and River Island (if we named them all, we’d be here all day!). But we don’t discriminate. If an item is trending or fashionable, unworn, and unbranded, we pop that in for good measure. All items in this package are under £40 at RRP, so if you’re looking for the higher-end items, take a peek at our Ebay packages.

Cream (New with Tags)