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Welcome to our new Zenith Textiles Newsletter. Here you will find the latest and greatest news about all things Zenith.

Zenith Cuts Carbon.

As some of you may know, Zenith Textiles Ltd is one of 38 founding signatories to Textiles 2030, the UK’s most ambitious voluntary agreement designed to limit the impact clothes and home textiles have on climate change in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

Textiles 2030 will use a ‘Target-Measure-Act’ approach to reduce the impact of fashion products across the UK.

Along with other signatories, we will set tough targets, measure the impact of our products and track our progress on an individual basis, towards national targets. By 2030, signatories will reduce their combined greenhouse gas emissions in line with a 1.5oC UN trajectory to reduce climate change - reducing carbon impact by 50%, reducing the water footprint of products sold by 30% and following a roadmap to a more circular fashion future.

Our New Website…

We at Zenith Textiles Ltd are delighted to announce that our new website is LIVE! Complete with a new look and several new features, we are confident that this website reflects the accessibility and transparency of our business. Take a look

today! We’ve added a brand new feature so that you can let us know how we’re doing. Click the link to see for yourself.

Zenith Gets Creative!

Emily Howell has been a massive part of Zenith since day 1, and reusing, reducing, and recycling has always been a massive part of her life. She wanted to make learning about environmentally friendly behaviours more accessible to children, so she wrote a book! ‘The Recycling Rabbit’ is a rhyming children’s story about a little brown rabbit who comes up against a BIG pile of rubbish. Click the link to have a read, and remember to share with your little ones!

Cash for Clothes, Cash for Charities

Cash for Clothes, Cash for Charities is Zenith Textiles’ initiative to increase donations to our valued charity partners.

During home collections, Zenith currently pays individuals 50p/kilo for their used clothing and shoes. Cash for Clothes, Cash for Charities will give our customers the option to donate that money directly to a charity of their choice! The individual will then receive a tracking reference so that they can be sure 100% of their donation was received by the charity.

We regularly create and release posts about our new initiative, so charities involved know that their names and causes are always being exposed to new audiences. Take a look at one of our existing advertisements below:

Every penny counts in making the world a better place, and we are so excited to help the public give back to our charity partners’ worthy causes.

Are you interested in having your charity featured in our Cash for Charities Initiative?

Email [email protected] or give us a call at 01322 434413

Our New Wholesale Line is Here!

Welcome to Zenith Textiles UK Wholesale, whose aim is to empower and provide opportunities to individuals and entrepreneurs, and feed revenue back into the UK economy. With the newest facet of our business, we are reducing the amount of clothing that we export and focusing more on cultivating a circular and self-sustaining economy within the UK.

Did you know that £140 million worth of reusable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year? The majority of clothing tossed away will end up in landfills, where it can take over 200 years to decompose. This is the result of what we call a linear economy.

Not only is this bad for the environment, it’s bad for the economy! With a circular economy, we continue to use items that are reusable and, in reselling, provide others with the opportunity to make a profit for themselves and their families. Simultaneously, we are keeping clothing out of landfills and incinerators without producing massive amounts of Co2, which is released during exportation to other countries.

Our wholesale range is a financially sound method of shopping - AKA, it won’t break the bank - and gives you the opportunity to kit yourself and your family out with reusable (and sometimes brand new) clothing. It can be perfect for

  • Large families

  • Growing children

  • Giving gifts to family and friends

  • Donating items to charity

  • Reselling at boot fairs or online for profit

  • Shops that want specific lines of clothing

We’ve started this branch of Zenith with twenty-two categories in a wide array of sizes, colours and brands, and we plan to continue adding and expanding so that our wholesale reflects the diverse needs and wants of the UK population!

Are you interested in purchasing a wholesale package from us?

Visit our online store here:

What’s On The Horizon?

Thousands of kilos of bric-a-brac pass through our warehouse every day - collectables, memorabilia, and hand-crafted items among them.

We believe our charitable partners deserve to be compensated for this, so in order to continue in our mission for economic circularity, Zenith Textiles Ltd will be opening ‘The Shop’ - a store dedicated to giving reusable items a second life.

Our aim is to generate enough income to be able to pay our charity shop partners for bric-a-brac, while also promoting the reuse of materials. Collectors and antique hunters, rejoice! ‘The Shop’ - furnished entirely with upcycled material - will be opening this July and will give our customers a unique experience every time they step through our doors.

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Thank you for reading our first official newsletter - keep your eyes peeled for deals, facts and news from Zenith Textiles Ltd.

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