The First Sorting

The first step is to separate the textiles according to the following categories:


  • Re-useable summer clothing and household linen (54%)

  • Re-useable winter clothing and heavy household linen (16%)

  • Recycling of damaged clothes and shoes (5.6%)

  • Leather goods and shoes (8%)

  • Waste (0.4%)

The Second Sorting

The second sorting consists in taking more finely the preceding categories:

Second-hand clothes, leather goods and shoes are sorted piece by piece according to gender, texture, degree of wear, category. Any item that is un-useable is collated (Recycling). They will be shipped to different international destinations.


Our goods are put in the baler and are wrapped. Then the pressurized bales are circled with a strapping roll, which is tightened and cut under temperature with the strapping machine.


The textile articles are packaged in the form of bales relatively heavy but can be adjusted to specific requirements. Zenith adapts to the packaging standards for each country's destination.


Zenith takes care of all the steps of transport.  After the containers are loaded the container is sealed until it reaches its destination.

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