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Are the materials sorted, sifted, and graded?

Yes. The clothing goes through two rounds of sorting at our warehouse in Erith before it is graded and shipped. A and B grade are sent mainly to West Africa.

Is there a minimum quantity for export?

We sell our products in 40ft containers. Please contact us to obtain a packing list.

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Is there a lead time?

Currently we have a lead time of 5 - 6 weeks. A deposit is obtained and the rest of the payment is taken a week before shipment. 

Charity Collections

Where do you service?

Zenith is proud to service the entirety of South-East England. Take a look at the map below to see if we can come to you!


Is there a minimum number of bags for collection?

As demonstrated from the map above, we offer a wide array of services all over the South-East of England so we request that our charity shop partners have a minimum of 15 bags for collection.

What do you collect from charity shops?

We collect a range of products from our valued charity shop partners, including:

 - Clothing (Must be dry)

 - Shoes

 - Hand bags

 - Bric a brac

 - Small electrical items

 - Toys

 - Media

 - Books

Do you supply bags for shops?

Absolutely! We supply bags to our charity partners made from 100% recycleable material.

As a shop, how should we pack our bric a brac for collection?

We kindly ask our charity shop partners to pack their bric a brac in cardboard boxes or sealed containers so that we can ensure their safe transportation back to our warehouse in Erith. 

Do you take cardboard?

Yes we do. We ask that the cardboard be flat packed or used to pack items of bric a brac or books.